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Commercial Construction

We are confidently able to deliver quality workmanship in the diverse commercial sector

It wasn’t long after our establishment in 2002, that Brewcon established itself in the commercial sector as well, and over the years, this portfolio has grown tremendously. We are confidently able to deliver quality workmanship despite all the demanding aspects faced in the commercial construction industry and have developed systems & procedures that ensure our teams are competent and up to date with the latest industry developments. One of our more recent developments is the development and construction of the modern Steenbrass Square in Beach Road, East London for property developer Seymour Properties comprises both commercial/retail outlets and residential apartments.

This process starts with the Client either contacting us to assist in finding The Professional team, or the Client already has an Architect who contacts us about pricing the new building.

Step 1:

Professional Team appointed, and Plans drawn and approved by Local Municipality.

Step 2:

Brewcon Prices the job and negotiates with client to work within the clients Budget.

Step 3:

Price is finalised, and contract is drawn up and signed. Brewcon will provide a Programme setting out the works process from start to finish.

Step 4:

Brewcon will start site establishment, site boundaries will be established, if the client does not know where they are a Site Surveyor will be appointed to set them out.

Step 5:

Brewcon will start the building process and work according to the Programme.

Step 6:

Site meetings will be held every 2 weeks to check on progress with the client and the Professional Team.

Step 7:

On completion, Brewcon will provide the client with all the necessary Compliance and Completion Certificates and the client can take occupation.

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