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Residential Construction

We pride ourselves in building homes that meet the high expectations of our clients

The construction of high-end residential homes has become our trademark. We have a wealth of experience in building luxury homes with high-end finishes and pay exceptional attention to the perfection and quality of our projects. From the basics of décor such as painting to the installation of exclusive design features, Brewcon draws from proficient and highly competent skill sets that will ensure each project is completed with the utmost attention to detail, thus ensuring that our clients receive the maximum benefit from their investment. Brewcon has established a name for itself as a formidable builder of homes, from luxury high-end homes to the exciting dreams and plans of the first-time homeowner. We pride ourselves in delivering a turnkey project, strictly in accordance with our clients’ expectations, budget, and timeframe. We are immensely proud of our track record in achieving these goals.

All buildings begin with a dream. To help make this dream a reality, we can establish a professional team that will assist with the entire process. One or more of the following professionals will be engaged in the process & we become an integral part of the team to ensure that your dream is built within budget & on time, with your specific needs and style reflected in the design.

Step 1:

Professional Team appointed, and Plans drawn and approved by Local Municipality.

Step 2:

Brewcon Prices the job and negotiates with client to work within the clients Budget.

Step 3:

Price is finalised, and contract is drawn up and signed. Brewcon will provide a Programme setting out the works process from start to finish.

Step 4:

For a new house NHBRC (National Home Builders Regulation Council) Enrolment is required, Brewcon will take care of this.

Step 5:

Brewcon will start site establishment, site boundaries will be established, if the client does not know where they are a Site Surveyor will be appointed to set them out.

Step 6:

Brewcon will start the building process and work according to the Programme.

Step 7:

Site meetings will be held every 2 weeks to check on progress with the client and the Professional Team.

Step 8:

On completion, Brewcon will provide the client with all the necessary Compliance and Completion Certificates and the client can move in.

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