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Don't let the price tag give you a scare

When you want to know the real cost of your project, you need to compare apples with apples! The world of construction quotes is tricky, vague, and full of opinions.

How can you make sure you get the best value, not just the lowest number? Hire a Quantity Surveyor to create a bill of quantities. Choose 3 or 4 reliable, registered contractors and ask them to quote the bill. Then, when you see 3 or 4 different figures, you can compare like with like, and make a smart choice. Too often, clients go for the cheapest option, only to end up paying more for extras later because the builder left out some materials or parts of the job, leaving you with a half-finished project and a blown budget.

Paying a quantity surveyor to review the plans and make a bill of quantities is worth every penny, whether you are doing a small makeover or building a brand-new home because it specifies the building materials and the amounts of materials needed, and when it comes to specifications and quality, often the “cheaper” builder will have used “cheaper” materials and underestimated the amounts needed in the various stages of construction.

Brewcon has taken the quoting and estimating process to the next level and invested in the latest construction software available. This eliminates the guesswork from the quoting, and it gives both contractor and client confidence, an accurate estimate, and a quoted bill of quantities that help track expenses, manage cash flow, and create a schedule of the work to be done so that you know when the job will be done.

Of course, there are always some surprises in the building process – delays like weather, material shortages, hidden issues, and sometimes extra costs because of changes to the scope of work. The key is to make sure that your contractor keeps you updated by sending notices of delay and discussing solutions to these unexpected surprises.

The building process can be very stressful but using a Professional team and Professional contractor takes away the stress!” Using the wrong Contractor is Very stressful and very costly. Make sure your builder offers some kind of guarantee to his work, because sometimes things break, or need fixing after the project is done. You want to know that your builder will come back to fix these snags and not vanish after the final payment.

To get the best value for your construction project, you need to compare quotes from registered and reputable builders who use quality materials and follow a bill of quantities, prepared by a quantity surveyor. Brewcon can provide you with an accurate estimate and a schedule of work using the latest software. You also need to check that your builder has NHBRC registration, workmen’s compensation, all risks insurance, and Master Builders Association membership.

Contact Brewer today for any of your building needs. Brewcon can take your project from the dream stage and can design and develop it by working together, to make it a reality.

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