The importance of OHS on building sites

Construction sites are recognised as one of the most dangerous workplaces, and it is essential to have proper OHS (occupational health and safety) measures in place to ensure the safety of workers.

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) claims that, on average, 20 people per 100,000 die each year on construction sites in South Africa – suggesting that lack of health and safety training may be partly to blame.

CIDB also claims that 18% of site supervisors and a third of construction site workers have not received adequate health and safety training. The top five construction site risks and hazards in South Africa are:

  1. Inadequate health & and safety training.
  2. Working around moving vehicles and equipment.
  3.  Noise.
  4. Collapsing trenches.
  5. Working at elevated heights.

In light of the above information, here are some key points to consider:

  • Equipment: Workers should be provided with appropriate equipment such as helmets, gloves, and safety boots to protect them from hazards.
  • Clothing: Workers should wear high-visibility clothing to ensure they are visible to other workers and vehicles on the site.
  • Training: Workers should receive proper training on how to use equipment and machinery safely, as well as how to identify and avoid hazards.
  • Workman’s compensation: In case of accidents, it is important to have Workman’s compensation so staff can apply for Injury on Duty.

In closing, vital takeaway facts are that OHS:

Reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities on the construction site, which can have devastating impacts on the workers and their families.

Improves the productivity and quality of work, as workers are more motivated and confident when they feel safe and protected.

Enhances the reputation and image of the construction company, as it shows that they care about their workers and the environment.

Saves costs and resources, as it prevents accidents that can cause delays, damages, lawsuits, and compensation claims.

It is therefore important to select a reputable Builder that has their Health and Safety Plan in place, is up to date with Workmen’s Compensation, has a H&S file on site, conducts the necessary staff training, has valid medical clearances, and provides the required PPE. The Department of Labour often arrives on-site to audit compliance with these items. Being compliant with OHS regulations will protect the client from any liability if any accidents occur and protect the Building Contractor from any claims.


Don’t let the price tag give you a scare

Don't let the price tag give you a scare

When you want to know the real cost of your project, you need to compare apples with apples! The world of construction quotes is tricky, vague, and full of opinions.

How can you make sure you get the best value, not just the lowest number? Hire a Quantity Surveyor to create a bill of quantities. Choose 3 or 4 reliable, registered contractors and ask them to quote the bill. Then, when you see 3 or 4 different figures, you can compare like with like, and make a smart choice. Too often, clients go for the cheapest option, only to end up paying more for extras later because the builder left out some materials or parts of the job, leaving you with a half-finished project and a blown budget.

Paying a quantity surveyor to review the plans and make a bill of quantities is worth every penny, whether you are doing a small makeover or building a brand-new home because it specifies the building materials and the amounts of materials needed, and when it comes to specifications and quality, often the “cheaper” builder will have used “cheaper” materials and underestimated the amounts needed in the various stages of construction.

Brewcon has taken the quoting and estimating process to the next level and invested in the latest construction software available. This eliminates the guesswork from the quoting, and it gives both contractor and client confidence, an accurate estimate, and a quoted bill of quantities that help track expenses, manage cash flow, and create a schedule of the work to be done so that you know when the job will be done.

Of course, there are always some surprises in the building process – delays like weather, material shortages, hidden issues, and sometimes extra costs because of changes to the scope of work. The key is to make sure that your contractor keeps you updated by sending notices of delay and discussing solutions to these unexpected surprises.

The building process can be very stressful but using a Professional team and Professional contractor takes away the stress!” Using the wrong Contractor is Very stressful and very costly. Make sure your builder offers some kind of guarantee to his work, because sometimes things break, or need fixing after the project is done. You want to know that your builder will come back to fix these snags and not vanish after the final payment.

To get the best value for your construction project, you need to compare quotes from registered and reputable builders who use quality materials and follow a bill of quantities, prepared by a quantity surveyor. Brewcon can provide you with an accurate estimate and a schedule of work using the latest software. You also need to check that your builder has NHBRC registration, workmen’s compensation, all risks insurance, and Master Builders Association membership.

Contact Brewer today for any of your building needs. Brewcon can take your project from the dream stage and can design and develop it by working together, to make it a reality.

Why Settle for Less, When You Can Have the Best?

Why Settle for Less, When You Can Have the Best?

A high-quality finish in construction refers to the final appearance of a building or structure after construction is completed. It is the result of a combination of factors such as the quality of materials used, the skill and experience of the builders and artisans involved in the construction process, and the attention to detail paid during the finishing stages of construction.


Why seek professional, quality builders? Because they spend more time with highly experienced and qualified artisans to produce a high-quality finish, that meets or exceeds expectations from material to installation. This means that professional builders prioritize quality over efficiency and are willing to invest more time into ensuring that the final product meets their high standards.


Building is a complex process that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and effective communication between all parties involved. One of the most important aspects of the building is superior supervision and management. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake in the building industry – people think that building is just building – not considering the many pitfalls and mistakes that can be made which can be costly.


Good quality materials put together by unqualified artisans or carpenters can end in great disappointment. This is why it is important to work with professional artisans, who have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that the final product meets your high standards.


In addition, using the best quality materials can also help you save money in the long run. High-quality materials are more durable and require less maintenance than cheaper alternatives. This means that you will spend less money on repairs and replacements over time.


Chat with professionals who don’t cut corners. Give us a call.

Pennywise and Pound Foolish?

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

“Penny wise and pound foolish” means being careful about small amounts of money, but not about large amounts, especially when it leads to wasting more money in the long run.

For example, buying a cheap but low-quality product that deteriorates quickly and needs to be replaced!  The same applies to building or renovating, you might want to avoid being pound foolish by considering the following tips:

  • Plan and set a realistic budget that covers all the necessary expenses and contingencies for the dream home you envision.
  • Hire qualified and reputable contractors who can deliver quality work and avoid costly mistakes or delays. It becomes expensive when you have to rely on a reputable contractor to fix the mess of a cheap job.
  • Get references on contractors to ensure when something does go wrong, they will not just ‘disappear’ with your hard-earned money and never be available to fix snags.
  • Invest in durable and energy-efficient materials and appliances that can save you money on maintenance and utility bills in the future.
  • Compare prices and quality of different products and services before deciding. Don’t compromise on safety or functionality for the sake of saving a few bucks.
  • Be wary of Contractors / Builders who demand a deposit up front.

We assist our clients by providing practical tips on how to plan and budget ahead for building projects with the philosophy of buy once cry once.  We suggest investing in the best materials and appliances and always compare quality before making decisions based on cost. By following these tips, you can save money in the long run, and enjoy a beautiful and comfortable home that lasts for years.

Whether you want to build a new home or renovate your existing one, you need a contractor you can trust, who can deliver quality work on time, and who is willing to provide the best advice based on extensive experience in the industry for your benefit.

Brewcon has been in business for over two decades, serving many happy customers with their building needs. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who can handle any project, big or small, with expertise and efficiency. We use the latest construction software and building methods that ensure pricing is correct at quote phase, and there are no hidden surprises. We will always try to meet your standards, professionally and efficiently.

BREWCON CONSTRUCTION is celebrating its 21st birthday!

BREWCON CONSTRUCTION is celebrating its 21st birthday

A good time for us to acknowledge this milestone in the construction and building industry by sharing our story, and services, with our community, friends, industry partners, valued clients and future customers.

We are a well-established family business registered with the Master Builders Association, specialising in the progressive construction of industrial buildings, commercial offices, and residential properties. We are well-versed with all aspects of the building process, including all essential and legal criteria required by the authorities in the field.  With sound values encompassing trust and quality, we have a passion for the East Coast and are excited about our growth into the wider Eastern Cape region.

Our areas of specialisation include: 

  • Office blocks & retail stores
  • Schools (renovations, new buildings)
  • Industrial warehousing (steel structures, concrete works)
  • Residential luxury designer homes
  • Apartments & Townhouses
  • Major renovations & alterations

We work conscientiously to provide top quality end products, ensuring client satisfaction – with no shortcuts – in a quality investment, which promises to increase its value for our customer. We honour our customers budget outlines, and work within those critical parameters constantly, by keeping our customer informed of any changes and unexpected hurdles.

We value our long-standing relationships with our referring Architects and Quantity Surveyors and are constantly working on securing new partnerships which are mutually beneficial through reciprocal referrals.  We will also happily source, and partner with interior designers and other specialist roles should our clients request this type of professional assistance.

We are responsible for managing the entire turnkey operation and supervise all facets of the building process, ‘you dream it, we build it’.

Systems and procedures have been developed by us, to keep our teams fully competent and aligned with current industry developments.  From the planning stage to the final handover – we are hands-on and committed to making your building dreams, our reality!  

Contact us for more insight and information:

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